Tuesday, April 27, 2010

SMS Jokes on Balayya

These are the latest SMSes in circulation on Balayya as ‘Simha’ release is coming nearer. This is the shadow publicity that the film is getting and the inside sources say that ‘Simha’ is going to rock. Here are the SMSes:

Ticket Seller: Boss , no one is ready to buy tickets for Balakrishna SIMHA .
Owner: Sell it at Rs.1 each
Ticket Seller: Boss we will not get any profit.
Owner: Once they entered into theater, after 10 mins Start selling "EXIT" tickets at Rs.200 :)

JR NTR: Babai, 2day I got a different Msg. Den my mobile got switched off.

BAA:Amazing, whats dat msg??
JR NTR: Battery low.....
BAA: Wow nice Naku forward chey :)

BAA: Eroju nenu oka manchi pani chesanu, chima water lo padite tessanu.

JR NTR. Bathikinda
BAA: Water baga tagesindi ani potta nokkanu....chanchindi :)

Once a donkey kicked BAA and ran away.

BAA: Started chasing and found a Zebra n started beating n saying "DRESS MARISTHE GURTHUPATTALENA?"

NASA sent balayya to Moon..BAA got into the rocket, after going half the way BAA jumped back shouting "Idiots, 2day is AMAVASYA, There will be no moon :)

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